About Dr. Donna C. Haley

A noted family practitioner, Dr. Donna C. Haley of Canton, Georgia, has served as the owner of her clinic, Donna C. Haley, M.D., since 1995. A graduate of the School of Medicine at Emory University in Athens, Georgia, Dr. Haley possesses more than two decades of experience as a physician, Associate Medical Director, and Medical Director.

Dr. Donna C. Haley graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Georgia in 1984. After earning her M.D. in 1987, Dr. Haley completed her residency in internal medicine with several medical centers, including Emory University Hospital and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. She continued her residency with the Medical University of South Carolina beginning in 1988 and completed month-long rotations in family medicine with the Zuni-Ramah Indian Health Service and in obstetrics at the Alaska Native Medical Center. Dr. Haley accepted a position as a family physician at the Zuni Public Health Service Indian Hospital in 1990, and in 1991 she joined the medical team at Santa Fe Indian Hospital. Over the subsequent years, she became chair of the Diabetes Task Force at Santa Fe Indian Hospital, Medical Director of the SFIH Laboratory, and Chief of Services for Family Medicine at the facility.

In 1995, Dr. Donna C. Haley relocated to Georgia to serve at other facilities and to start her private practice. In 2005, she worked briefly as an Associate Medical Director of the Portsbridge Hospice Primary Care/Health Clinic before accepting a position as Associate Medical Director with VistaCare Hospice, where she worked from 2005 to 2006. Following this role, she served as Medical Director of both inpatient and outpatient activities at Heartland Hospice. Dr. Donna C. Haley holds licenses to practice medicine in New Mexico, South Carolina, and Georgia. She maintains certification with the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Family Practice.


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